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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is better: A tiled roof or a Colorbond roof?

Depending on who you ask is one answer but each has advantages and disadvantages.

  • A new Colorbond roof is lighter than tiles so it is a good option on old roofs where the roof or building structure has begun to sag, crack or twist under the weight of the old tiled roof.
  • A new Colorbond roof will also tend to tie the whole roof together making it stronger.
  • A tiled roof is more susceptible to severe hail damage than a metal roof as even new tiles can crack with good size hail, whereas the metal may be dented, but not break.
  • Steel roofing is also more versatile. It can be used on any pitch and made into all kinds of shapes.
  • And arguably, a new Colorbond roof just looks a lot better!

2. Should I use Zincalume or Colorbond for my roof?

This is really a question of what look you are after and your budget. Colorbond has Zincalume steel as its base and is then painted with multiple layers using patented methods that have been tried and tested in Australian conditions.

Zincalume is a fantastic product but Colorbond is far superior in terms of its durability and look. It comes in 20 different colours. Zincalume has that silver steel roof colour that many people like and it is slightly cheaper, which is why it is used more commonly on commercial buildings with large roofs.

3. Should I replace or restore my roof?

This is a common question and fundamentally depends on two factors: How bad the existing roof is and your budget. The only way to know how bad the roof really is, is to get an unbiased professional opinion. Some companies only do roof replacements so they will only try and sell you a new roof. Some only do restorations and will tell you that you can get 20 years more out of your roof when actually it really is best to replace it now.

One important thing to remember though is: “The longer you leave it, the more likely it is that water will get into places it shouldn’t.”

If you are wondering if you should get your roof, replaced or restored the best thing to do is to get a free inspection done and a qualified expert can advise you on your best course of action.

Another important thing to take into consideration is how much value you will add to your home. Roof restoration and replacements are very aesthetic and look great for years to come – guaranteed. Approximately one third of what you can see of your home from the street is roof, so installing a new Colorbond roof or doing the next best thing and completely restoring it can make a big difference and add a lot of value to your home.

Don’t wait until you have water damage in your home to let you know you need a new roof!

4. How much does a roof replacement cost?

The cost to replace your roof can vary considerably depending on a whole range a factors such as access, how steep the roof is, whether guttering and insulation is to be done at the same time to name a few. Basically, every roof is different so an experienced expert will come out, at a time that suits you, and provide a free quote that will tell you exactly how much it will cost to replace your roof

5. How much does it cost to restore my roof?

Again, the cost to restore your roof can vary considerably depending on a whole range of factors such as access, how steep the roof is, what condition it is in, and any repairs that need to be done first. As licenced roofers, we are able to advise and complete any repairs that are needed. Some roof restoration companies are actually just painting companies who do roof painting and call it roof restoration. We do what is needed to restore your roof and the paint we use is specifically developed for roofing applications.

6. How does heat reflective paint work?

Heat Reflective Paint works by reflecting the sun’s energy before it can hit the roofing material. It is like a reflective shade for your roof. This means that your roof is cooler, meaning your roof space (if any) is cooler which in turn keeps your house cooler!

7. If I use everyday white paint, won’t that cool my roof down?

Yes, it will to some degree but only for a while – standard paint breaks down much faster and loses most of its solar reflective capacity. You can notice a white powdery substance wipe from the surface as the standard roof paint breaks down.

8. How much will I save on my electricity bill if using heat reflective paint?

A typical household can save at least 50% of their air conditioning power bills, as they will tend to use the air conditioner a lot less. Some clients have reported no longer needing to use their air conditioner at all, but a lot depends on your specific location and building type among other things to consider.

Safety Standards

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